Sessions Hotel

Bristol, Virginia

This is one of the longest running projects that AP has been involved with.  In 2014, a developer approached AP with an idea for a boutique hotel located in Bristol, Virginia.  His idea was to link three separate buildings on three individual sites and create a unified and unique lodging experience.  He also wished to use historic tax credits to assist in funding the project.  The project was placed on hold as funding could not be obtained.  The project was revived in 2017 and a project team was assembled.


In addition to trying to weave a cohesive design from three vastly different buildings, the team faced other issues.  One of the buildings, Jobbers Candy Factory was nothing more than a shell.  Its roof and floors had collapsed many years earlier.  The other two buildings, Simply Grand Mill and the Bristol Grocery building, had severe water damage of floor framing from setting unused for three years.  The team overcame these obstacles to create a final design of a 70 guest room facility with a roof top bar, two restaurants and an interior bar along with a gassy plaza for future outdoor music venue.  Late in the construction phase of the project, the chef around whom the restaurants had been configured, left and the restaurant spaces had to be redesigned.  One of the spaces was converted into an event space with a small indoor music venue.  The other restaurant eventually remained a restaurant, but of a different style.  The entire project opened in June 2020.