Karen S. Nixon

business manager

Years of Experience


Professional Involvement

  • Greater Lynchburg Habitat for HumanityBoard of Directors


  • Liberty University1988-1992

Karen Nixon joined Architectural Partners in 2013, as Business Manager.  Prior to joining our firm, she managed her own consulting business where she worked with several small businesses to help manage the financial/office management side of their business.  Karen brings a high level of enthusiasm and energy to her role as Business Manager. She has been instrumental in the implementation of software and business/management procedures.  Karen works closely with our project managers from project setup to final billing.  She works hard to understand the needs of our clients and their assigned project manager to ensure the firm’s proposed services are on target.  She enjoys working in various aspects of the firm.

  • What one (or two) word(s) best describes you? Efficient, high energy
  • If you could create an undiscovered Crayola crayon color, what would it be? Glittery Gray
  • Who is your favorite fictional character? And Why? Goofy; Because he is....Goofy
  • Other than Jesus, what person who walked the earth do you most admire? And Why? Henry Ford; Great Visonary
  • What is your favorite quote? "No Worries"
  • What one hobby do you enjoy the most? Kayaking
  • What charity do you deem most worthy? Susan G. Komen
  • What person(s) have influenced your life the most? Husband, daughters, parents
  • If you were not involved in the architecture profession, what would you be doing? And Why? Business Owner (part-time)