The Historic Courtland Building

Lynchburg, Virginia

Adaptive use of an existing 33,918 sq. ft., six-story historic building by Central Virginia Community Services (now Horizon Behavioral Health) as an adult drug detoxification, treatment, rehabilitation, and counseling center. AP was integral in placing the Courtland Building on the National Registry of historic buildings and obtaining federal and state tax credits, key components of the project financing.


Originally built as a luxury apartment building in 1909, the Courtland Building had undergone enough significant private and corporate renovations throughout the years that little original interior architectural fabric remained when purchased by Courtland Services, L.P. in 2000. A unique slab and beam structural system was preserved; and, an elevator and ornamental iron stair were refurbished, as the rest of the interior was removed to allow for repartitioning of spaces. The building received new HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems, and a new roof. Restoration of the exterior brick masonry, terra cotta accents, windows, and cornice molding involved research and refurbishing to Department of Interior specifications. Using a complex imaging process, the original front porch that had long since demolished was designed and reconstructed to its original 1909 form.