Crema & Vine

Danville, Virginia

What was once a former Exxon Station of 50+ years, is now a beautifully renovated coffee and wine bar in Danville’s historic Old West End. Crema & Vine offers local coffee, wine, craft beer, and a full menu of handcrafted food. Converting a gas station into a restaurant required tearing out the underground gas tanks and removing the top 8 inches of concrete to be sure all traces of gas and oil was removed without a trace. The finished interior is the perfect balance between industrial, modern, and chic styles for an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. The self-serve wine station features 16 bottles of various palettes and price ranges, allowing customers to choose from a 1 ounce taste, a small glass, or a 5 ounce glass of wine. The unique venue also features a small gift shop as well as a front patio.